Labour Law Courses

Labour laws are the kind of laws which ensures a guarantee of protection for the workers. Framing the structure of labour laws has always been the matter of dispute in the federal structure of India because this is the subject of concurrent list and the right to frame the laws is with both the parties state as well as the center. There are many aspects which are carefully included in the labour laws in India and also in the curriculum of Indian law institute, like- Employment contracts, it means that the government has the right to fix the terms, like- working hours, leave, dismissal procedures, productivity goals as well as the workers classifications according to their assigned duties. Second is wage regulation, in which a minimum wage fixed by the government according some fixed working hours and it will have to be pay by the company on a daily or monthly basis as per the contract. Third is health and safety, in which the company has to maintain all the required arrangements of safety and healthy working conditions and if any case of mishappening with the labour in company’s premises, then the company is liable of any damage claim by the labour.  Various courses are running in India in Labour laws and these courses are playing a very significant role for labour union leaders, Industrial Relation professionals, Lawyers, Employment lawyers and practitioners, HR managers. Any person who wants to establish a business has to be aware of these laws because any hiring of the employees is entirely based on these laws.

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Many universities are now running many labour law courses, like- Diploma in Labour laws and Administrative law, BA(labour management), MA(labour management), Post graduate diploma in labour administration, PhD courses. These all mentioned courses are different in their duration from 6 months to 3 years. Some of the universities also come with the facility of online labour law courses for the working professionals. The fee of the whole course is depending on the university functions and the affiliation it got. But before opting of any course in law, one must check the affiliation and recognization of the university.





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