It is always better to get yourself packed with necessary information before landing up to take the concerned action. The motive towards spreading the knowledge about sexual harassment is only to protect the employees at the work place. Lack of information roots to exaggerate the issues. Keeping in mind these things IALM has introduced few online courses so that when awareness will fill up into the employees, supervisors, and managers mind then the workplace will become a safer and much better place to work. One of the main purpose of introducing this course is to comply with the sexual harassment discrimination act, to educate all the concerned person of the workplace about the impact of sexual harassment at workplace. Let’s get to know more about the course which is offered by the IALM regarding the issue:


  • An illegal form of discrimination.
  • Decreases morale of the employee.
  • Leads to reduction in the productivity.
  • 50% of the women at the workplace are sexually harassed.
  • 95% cases are not reported.
  • It has doubled in last decade.



  • This course is mandatory for all the workforce of Indian organization having more than 10 employees.
  • It enables students to quickly draft any contract concerning to the issue.
  • This course makes you understand the law closely and connect you with it throughout your professional life.
  • It is a highly recommended course for the HR professionals, managers, and all the person acquiring the higher position in the organization.
  • After doing this course, the organization image will go up and also it will lead into good productivity.
  • Spreading awareness will help employees to come forward and talk about the problems that they have been facing for a longer period of time.

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