It is always better to get yourself packed with necessary information before landing up to take the concerned action. The motive towards spreading the knowledge about sexual harassment is only to protect the employees at the work place. Lack of information roots to exaggerate the issues. Keeping in mind these things IALM has introduced few online courses so that when awareness will fill up into the employees, supervisors, and managers mind then the workplace will become a safer and much better place to work. One of the main purpose of introducing this course is to comply with the sexual harassment discrimination act, to educate all the concerned person of the workplace about the impact of sexual harassment at workplace. Let’s get to know more about the course which is offered by the IALM regarding the issue:


  • An illegal form of discrimination.
  • Decreases morale of the employee.
  • Leads to reduction in the productivity.
  • 50% of the women at the workplace are sexually harassed.
  • 95% cases are not reported.
  • It has doubled in last decade.



  • This course is mandatory for all the workforce of Indian organization having more than 10 employees.
  • It enables students to quickly draft any contract concerning to the issue.
  • This course makes you understand the law closely and connect you with it throughout your professional life.
  • It is a highly recommended course for the HR professionals, managers, and all the person acquiring the higher position in the organization.
  • After doing this course, the organization image will go up and also it will lead into good productivity.
  • Spreading awareness will help employees to come forward and talk about the problems that they have been facing for a longer period of time.

A Brief Insight on Indian Judicial Service Examination

For a lucrative career option, Indian Judicial Service offers the candidates, all across the nation to be a part of public service through this judiciary system. When you are seeking to serve the humanity and are working towards the goodwill of society, then judicial service provides you a perfect outlet.

How to get into the judicial system?

For getting into the judicial system you need to prepare for the entrance first. You may take admission into any judicial services coaching to avail the proper assistance from the experts. For the Prelims, the preparation of Act study is important while for clearing the Mains exam you need to have some deeper insight into various law prospects.
There are two ways to get in to judicial services.

• Lower Judiciary Services: For this no experience is required for the candidate. The eligibility criteria for the candidate to get into such an exam is LLB degree who is enrolled to be qualified under Advocates’ Act 1961. The age limit for such candidate is 21-35 years.

• Higher judiciary Services: For appearing in this exam, the candidate needs to have some experience of practising litigation for several years, which is usually minimum 7 years. The competition as well as the exam is tough.


Stages of Judicial Service Exam:

• Prelims: This is a screening exam to filter out the candidates against some qualifying marks. The exam is objective based. The marks secured here are not added with the Mains exam. The qualifying marks for general category is 60% and for reserved category is 55%.

• Mains: This is a subjective exam for which you need to have in-depth knowledge of law. The marks attained are calculated for final selection.

• Interview: The final process in this entire exam is the interview where candidates are thoroughly assessed on the basis of their skills.

Training to Prevent Lawsuits for Sexual Harassment

The purpose of Education and Training about the negative impact of Sexual Harassment in the workplace is to keep the women and work environment safe.

Although one of the purposes of training of prevention of sexual harassment is to comply with the Sexual Harassment Discrimination Act, the most important thing is to review and educate employees, supervisors, and managers about the impact of Sexual Harassment in the workplace, and the development of the skills necessary to maintain a positive and safe place.

These tools can be learned with the right attitude, coaching and training. This is particularly true and important with new supervisors in their position from another country with different language and culture. Our programs are effective because they are adapted and designed for bilingual and bi-cultural employees. Our teaching techniques include group teachings, individual and group exercises, videos, games, real case analysis and written examinations Another important component of these ias coaching is the motivation that participants receive to the course.

The full sessions that include everything required by the law lasts 3 hours, which includes the topic of Abusive Conduct and Sexual Orientation Discrimination.


law internship

Because we must talk about Sexual Harassment:

  • It is illegal; it is a form of discrimination
  • Prevents good productivity and good teamwork
  • Low morale of the workplace
  • Cause people to give up
  • Damage the company’s image and sales
  • Cases of sexual harassment have doubled in the last decade
  • The average cost of a sexual harassment lawsuit ranges from US $ 55,000 to US $ 150,000
  • 50% of women who work have been sexually harassed
  • 95% of incidents are not reported

The topics that are developed in the session are:

  • What is Sexual Harassment?
  • What are the negative effects of Sexual Harassment
  • How to avoid Sexual Harassment
  • What is done in case of Sexual Harassment
  • Respect and No to heavy jokes

Learn About Prevention of Sexual Harassment With Sound Coaching

Currently we all know or hear about someone who has gone through a coaching process, and many have been through this experience more than once. Coaching is a set of techniques and tools that involve a great development in all areas for the person who receives it. In the process self-confidence is affirmed, self-knowledge increases and objectives and actions are set. It is like a path towards what one wants to achieve, and the coach is the one who accompanies you on that journey. Coaching institutes are of many types, like the ones preparing you for an Indian patent agent exam, or something more personal and specific.

law internship

Why is coaching so special?

When well conducted, the benefits of coaching are perceived by the client involved in the process, by the people around that person, and by the company where the person works. Coaching is a remarkable and significantly special experience. In addition to being beneficial, this process is multifunctional because it can be applied in various areas and by any type of profession. With the help of coaching institute, one can also learn about prevention of sexual harassment rules.

6 Greatest Benefits of Coaching

Coaching helps people in changing processes, developing new skills, improving quality of life, increased performance and ultimately in achieving desired goals. We know that coaching is transformative and that its benefits are numerous.

We can cite 6 major personal benefits from this process:

  • Greater self-knowledge (who I am and what I know of myself).
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • New perspectives to overcome challenges.
  • Find out and focus on what’s really important.
  • Action towards achieving objectives.
  • Elevation of general well-being.

Coaching creates an environment conducive to both teachers and students to take strength, take encouragement and utilizing it the way they want to; achieving extraordinary results.

Want to Study Law? Think different, join a Best Online Law School

Getting an online law certification degree is hard and demanding just like earning a degree from a regular law school. If you have the determination and time you can go ahead with your plan.

With the advent of internet, education through online has become easier. Many courses related to various subjects are today taught online, today it is easily reachable to everyone. Similarly, law courses today too are taught online, students willing to make a career in law can join Indian Academy of Law and Management. There are lots of good things associated with the institute and student can be trained properly through best Online Law Education system. The institute also prepares students in various law exams like advocate on record exams, patent agent exams, judicial service exams and many other exams like these.

The institute offers well-researched, highly interactive, rich content and case studies based law courses. Its offers immense weight in certification for Correspondence Law Courses and most of its courses are delivered by General Counsels, law firms and academicians, former judges, etc.

Faculties teaching here are experienced tutors who characterize the subject. While teaching each course, they utilize their expert and individual bits of knowledge to underline the human component of the act of law.


Labor law courses

The institute offers different courses in the field of laws and administration which are accessible in fluctuated ranges, for example, Certification in finance and accounting, certificate courses in cyber laws, Certificate course in Human rights and many more.

While studying in the institute you will also know about various labor law courses in India. One can turn into a specialist in Labor Laws through the best accessible Labor Law Courses at this organization.

You can’t become an expert in laws without your efforts. You can’t totally depend upon an organization to become a successful lawyer. Truth be told, you need to put your hard effort and you need to examine a considerable measure. This is the way to become a successful lawyer.


The online education system is made to simplify the education system and to make it reachable to anyone even those who cannot opt for a regular course.In this context, if someone wants to make a career in Law Courses then Indian Academy of Law and Management would serve better. There are lots of benefits you can have through the great institutes and its offered courses.


You can take admission in various courses available for laws and management in the institute such as Certification in finance and accounting, Study abroad program for lawyers, certificate courses in cyber laws, Duties by Hon’ble Justice Rajesh Tandon and Certificate course in Human rights and many more. Moreover, if you want to be a patent agent then you can go for Patent Agents Exams offered by the Institute.

Law theme, mallet of judge, wooden gavel
Law theme, mallet of judge, wooden gavel

A few people think it is extreme since they are specialized and a little law is included, patent law spins around research, creation, and privileges of a designer, so it is fascinating. Simply ensure you don’t begin get ready for the exam in the most recent week and hope to clear it. Begin somewhat early and remove only a little time from your office or standard investigations and you will be great. You can’t get a specialist in laws without your endeavors. You can’t totally dependent upon an establishment to wind up plainly an effective legal advisor. Truth be told, you need to put your hard exertion and you need to contemplate a great deal. This is the way to wind up plainly a fruitful legal advisor.

You can know more about law courses and other courses offered by the institute from the official website.

Institute Best For Patent Agent Examination And Cyber Law Course

IALM gives a world class course in Cyber Law. Cyber Law is the term which manages the issues identified with the web, correspondence innovation, mechanical and electronic components including equipment, programming, PC and data frameworks and the Cyber Law Course is comprises of its details in respect to governmental laws. Cyber law is made to deal with the instances of digital wrongdoing. Digital violations are the unlawful exercises submitted on the web. Digital legal advisers handle instances of digital violations against people, property and government.

law internship

One another important profession is Patent Agent that is the most generously compensated experts all through the world and IALM also serves Patent Agent Examination. Normal PER-HOUR charging of a Patent Agent is US Dollars 750/ – which would be almost Rupees fifty-two thousand five hundred as it were. A normal patent application in US is set up at the expenses of USD 7500/ – (Rupees Five Lakhs Five Hundred Only). The Global Market for Patent Consultants (Including Patent Searches, Writing, Prosecution, Analysis and Licensing) is US Dollars 150 billion every year.


On the other hand, Course of Cyber law covers Information Technology Law in India (2) Selected Cyber Law Cases (3) Selected Adjudicating Officer Orders (4) Data Privacy Law in India (5) IT Act Audit and Compliance (6) Documentation Issues (7) International Cyber Crime Law (8) Emerging Issues in Cyber Law. The work of a Cyber Lawyer is to get ready, inspect and advocate a case for the customer required in a digital wrongdoing case. Most well known digital wrongdoing is hacking individual’s close to home records, digital fear based oppression and spread of infection. Because of substantial scale utilization of web innovation the internet has likewise turned into a place to direct malignant exercises, so to manage wrongdoings identified with digital world the legal counselors must have the information of digital world and this prompt another field of law i.e. digital law.

Give Your Career A New Direction Of Success

A career in law is the best option for those who are very much lean and interested towards the world of law and fascinated with the judicial system and find them capable to contribute in it. The unprecedented pace of legal profession makes it one of the most tempting and the most respected careers among all the streams in India. To make a successful career in law, one have to to pursue a professional law courses affiliated by a statuary body or bar council. Today, a significant number of institutes and universities in India are offering courses in law where one could choose a specialization, as per the interest and into one of the myriad streams of law such as: corporation law, civil law, criminal law, and international law, labor law, patent law, tax law and many more. These Law courses are available in both under-graduate as well as post-graduate level including LLB and LLM in various affiliated institutes and universities. Currently, some diploma courses and patent agent examination are also being offered by these universities in some specialization.


The duration of these courses relies according to the specialization you choose and the time duration for practice or the internship you opt. The minimum qualification that one requires to have for pursuing any course in Law is 10+2 from a recognized state or central board. This is the eligibility after which you will be spending your 3-5 years in pursuing a LLB degree, whereas, a PG program in law, i.e. LLM, you requite to pass a LLB degree from a recognized state or central university. The minimum duration for any category student is to complete LLM in two years. Once you have a degree, diploma, or postgraduate in law, you can access a significant number of opportunities to opt for employment such as courts of law, in government offices, a teacher of law, or as a legal advisor for a company or a corporate office, etc. One can also opt for private practice to deliver as a legal advisors advocate, solicitor, or any other profession.


For those who are starting phase of their law course or who have already started practicing over legal terms and activities but want to add some other skills through a law course or want some addition to their job profile or to increase their job prospects, many of the law institutes and universities many open learning courses. These open or distance learning courses are the optimal option for those who do not devote regular time to dedicate to the institute. An added advantage of distance learning is that it comes in budget in comparison of regular courses as well as take less time compared to regular courses, and offers both bachelors and masters level courses in Law i.e. LLB as well as LLM. So if we want give your career a new direction and you think you make some change in favor in society, pursuing career in law is the best option.

How To Choose The Best Institution For Cyber Law and Corporate Law Courses?

Cyber-crime has been increasing at a random rate in the present age. With internet ruling the age, it has opened up to a multitude of crimes which are gradually and steadily eating up the nation. While the international realm of law studies had already welcomed cyber law long before, India is still a new visitor in this domain. However the prospects of cyber-crime have almost compelled every lawyer to pursue some knowledge through cyber laws. However for specialisation in the realm, there has been suitably designed cyber law course that offers a comprehensive education and assistance in the field of cyber laws.

While most of the law institutions have opened up these avenues for cyber law course, choosing the best one from the crowd is the most difficult task. Considering this aspect, it is important that the institution you are choosing caters to these features.


Certification: Availing a non-certificate cyber law course would not solve the purpose of pursuing a specialisation in cyber law. When you are choosing your institution, make sure they are the caterers of only certificated cyber law courses. If there is no certification, the course tends to be partially purposeful. While you may achieve the knowledge but its utility avenues remain distinctly limited.

So it is always advisable to choose a course that will conduct proper training sessions apart from evaluation.

Usually Economic: Cyber law courses are provided at various course fees. However the challenge is to locate the presence of a course fee that will definitely be affordable enough as well as not a compromise on quality. Opting for economic courses would assure you specialisation easily in the domain of cyber laws.

Apart from cyber law, another domain that has been surfacing in vogue is the genre of corporate law course. Since the corporate world is booming every day, it has become essential to educate oneself about the existing corporate laws. A specialisation in the field can be achieved by pursuing corporate law courses.


They are designed in a manner to meet the needs of all corporate professionals who in their day to day activities may get involved in the misuse of corporate laws unknowingly.

While choosing an institution for corporate law courses, the same principles should be maintained as in the case of cyber law courses.

How To Earn A Great Law Internship Opportunity?

When you are an aspirant in the legal niche, the prime area of focus is how to equip yourself with real-time learning and management of situations. Though you may be a topper with a cent percent flashing in your academic records, until and unless you earn opportunities for effective learning, your education is bound to fall flat. A law internship lays the perfect ground to achieve the desired skills and the required momentum in your legal career. A legal profession that sparks off with a law internship indeed earns a solid foundation in the future areas of life.

However earning a Law Internship may be quite a hazard since it involves a series of intricacies:

law internship

Proper Networking and Connectivity: When you are a law student the main hazard is bagging a legal internship opportunity. Unlike other careers, internship in this field is not publicized to such an extent. Therefore most of the students remain alien to the golden prospects lurking aside. Thus the main issue is to get equipped with eminent connectivity opportunities and then offer the perfect kick to your career.

Internship Opportunities from Established Firms: Even though some acquire the platform to pursue internship avenues, they often do not turn up from established firms. Therefore the main networking needs to be done via those platforms which will not only offer access to internship prospects but will also be backed by prominent backgrounds.

The solution therefore is to get acquainted with a one-stop destination that will not only offer internship outsourcing opportunities but also take care of the backgrounds of the firms.

Apart from the internship scopes, another avenue that one can look forward to for making a mark in the legal career is through the cracking of the exams of advocate-on-record from Supreme Court of India that adds to the extra feather on the wings of legal personnel.


In this niche too, proper guidance is necessary so that one is able to efficiently state out himself in his law profession. Supreme Court being the top-notch authority in India does not engage in absolute simplified versions of exams and thus external guidance is indeed sought to crack the difficult codes.